I Heard Bronto was Hiring

Email marketing firm Bronto, located in downtown Durham NC, is hiring and I just wanted to give them a shoutout and let them know that I am interested in the Director of Account Management position.


  1. +1 for Jeff for Bronto’s Director of Account Management position. He’ll bring creativity, innovation, and smarts to your shop, which is critical given the current state of the market.

  2. Thanks for everyone’s support. Just thought I would have a little fun to make myself stand out.

    @DJ Glad you commented, just hope that’s not an official Bronto response. Ha-Ha.

  3. Jeff –

    Sorry. That was my lame attempt at humor. I realized after the fact it could have come across in the wrong way. Dude – totally creative. I loved it. I am not sure where we are in the hiring process, but if we are still interviewing, based on your initiative, creativity (humor), and the fact that I know you are a cool dude….I’d say this you are DEFINITELY interview-worthy. I’ll touch base with our hiring manager Monday. Is LinkedIn the best place to learn more about your experience?


    DJ Waldow
    Director of Best Practices & Deliverability at Bronto

    1. @DJ I know you were joking, and I wrote a few different responses to you that I edited in favor of the shorter one above. Yes, LinkedIn is fine for a resume view of my experience, but this blog and SocialMediaB2B.com, that I author with Kipp Bodnar, shows a more well-rounded view of me because they present my ideas and analysis of social media, marketing, business practices that help people break through. But the ABSOLUTE best way for the head Brontos to get to know me is to schedule a follow-up interview. I would also be happy to chat with them on Thursday at the TriangleTweetup that we have been planning at Bronto. Hmm, my plan is coming together nicely (my lame attempt at humor).

  4. Funny! And one word of advice: don’t paint that bedsheet green. Imagine how awful it would be to sleep on it! All that paint would flake off and stick to your face and arms, ugh. Just. no. ; )

  5. Jeff,

    I’m collecting video case-studies of job-seekers who are using social media successfully. I would LOVE to interview you. Will you please write me back this week…


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