Talk Social News: The Lost Guest Co-Host Edition

My friends, Wayne Sutton and Kipp Bodnar, produce a daily video podcast called Talk Social News, a show about the latest news in technology and social media. There is a lot of work that goes into a daily news show, even one that is only 10 minutes, and the timeliness becomes a bigger factor in the summer when vacation plans interrupt the information flow. Even though the show is done using online tools, and Wayne and Kipp are never in the same location, vacations don’t always include high speed connections required for video chat on ooVoo.

I helped them out by guest co-hosting one recent episode. The casual Friday edition of the show frequently includes upcoming movies, so Wayne and I shot this episode in front of a movie theater showing Bruno that day. I am calling this the lost episode because it still has not been posted on the Talk Social News site. Look for the show to resume its regular daily schedule in August.


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