The Frozen Food Master

The Frozen Food Master, Greg Ng, is the creator of Freezerburns, where he does video reviews of frozen food. He is eating his way through the frozen food aisle one box at a time.

If you are looking for a role model of someone who cranks out web content on a regular basis, and benefits from it, Greg is your man. He is clearly having fun, but his site subscriptions and views are way up, and sponsors are noticing. Follow Greg and the show on Twitter to keep up with what is next from this rising internet superstar.


  1. Nice interview! It’s funny because I consider myself one of his biggest fans, however, I rarely eat frozen food, in fact, I’m a culinary snob! Greg is just so amusing and engaging, he really is a joy to watch. Kudos to him for carving out a niche and nailing it!

  2. Jeff – Thanks for the interview and giving us a little more insight to how the mastery occurs.

    Greg – I still very much want to see behind the curtain and see the contents of the freezer!

  3. @Heidi: Agreed. He does a great job and is clearly having fun while doing it. Make sure you watch Episode 84 with me.

    @Bear I did take a picture of his freezer, but not so you could see the products for episodes. Greg is very professional and made us sign NDAs before even letting us into his kitchen. I think he even made his kids sign them. Glad you liked the interview.

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