Pancakes and Chill

I saw an IHOP billboard that said pancakes and chill and the first thing that occurred to me was the phrase Netflix and chill. While many regular people think of this as a quiet night in watching the streaming service, it originated as a reference to an intimate evening in where little attention is paid to what’s on the tv. The sensual nature of pancakes, syrup and that kind of chilling is certainly something worth considering, but not at a pancake house. That type of chilling is better at home.

Do Renovations Drive Foot Traffic?

Every few years the local shopping centers, or strip malls, renovate the facades and give the stores new signs. I don’t know much about commercial real estate, so I don’t know if the retailers have any say in this or are required to pay for it. I expect that it is paid for by the landlord to bring some excitement – and foot traffic – to the stores. I can’t imagine that the inconvenience of construction and what is essentially a new coat of paint changes how consumers think of these stores.

Positive Versus Negative Slogans

I see a lot of slogans on the side of trucks, and I am often surprised by how little thought goes into them. I’m not talking about local vans with inappropriate quotation marks, but big, national companies with fleets of tractor trailers emblazoned with the best summary of their products. “Windows that never rot” is not the best way to describe a high quality, long-lasting product. They can do better that.

Too Much Data

I have been tracking my runs with an iPhone app since 2011. I’ve tracking nearly 1200 runs for a total of over 4300 miles. Every run is ranked against other runs of that distance. With so much data, this means that when there is big difference in my pace, there is huge difference in the ranking. I recently logged my 47th fastest run and two days later, my 515th fastest run. Where I run, how I feel and the weather make a huge difference in my performance, even from day to day.

We Were Informed

I bought a new pair of shorts and I want to wear them to dinner. As I was paying for them, I made a comment to the person at the register that it’s common to wear new shoes out of the store, but less common for clothes. He suggested that I change in the fitting room and wear them out. As I was walking out the woman near the door smiled at me, nodded towards my new shorts and said, We were informed.

I Feel Faint

I’m not usually squeamish about giving blood or needles. I don’t look, but that’s more about not seeing the needle go into my arm than anything else. When an experienced nurse does it, I can barely feel it. The nurse was not great at putting in my IV needle. I was feeling the pain of it, plus she wasn’t getting any blood flow. I started to feel nauseated, light-headed and broke out into a cold sweat. They took the needle out and tipped me back to get some blood back into my head before I fainted. It is not uncommon for your body to react this way to giving blood, but it had never happened to me before. They cooled me off with cold washcloths and let me return to normal. They put the IV in a different vein and it went better the second time.

I Don’t Remember

My medical procedure caused me to be sedated, which was a new experience for me. It was fast acting and complete, so once I rolled over and they began administering the anesthesia, I was out. I was warned that there might be some amnesia after I woke up, but I didn’t expect it to be so long. After rolling over, the next thing I knew, I was home on couch and Adriana was giving me a peanut and jelly sandwich. This elides 30 minutes of recovery time, leaving the facility and a 20 minute drive home. Good thing I had Adriana to take care of me, or there’s no telling where I would have ended up.

I am told I was very funny during my recovery time. When offered a soda – apparently both the bubbles and sugar are required for recovery – I joyfully choose Dr. Pepper from a list of choices. And when I was warned that the monitor pads would hurt when removed from my chest, I exclaimed louder than expected that it did hurt.

I Don’t Live in White Bread America

When bad weather drives you to the store to buy bread, you really don’t care what kind of bread you get. You take what is available. If you normally buy wheat bread, as I do, but only white is available. White bread gets the nod. I have an upcoming medical procedure and I need to eliminate fiber from my diet for a few days. This means no wheat bread. I went to the store to buy white bread. I shop at a higher end store in an affluent area. While there was loads of choice for wheat bread, my choices for white bread were limited. I wound up getting sliced “Italian” bread because it would be a little more interesting for my ham sandwich.