Baby Bird

There was a baby bird on my stoop. It wasn’t moving. The internet told me not to move it, as they are often in shock from hitting something or falling. It was blinking its eye, so it was alive. After a few minutes it got up, chirped and began hopping around.

It hopped to the edge of the stoop, spread its wings and stepped off. Even though it flapped as hard as it could, the baby bird went straight down. It walked under the fence into the backyard.

Leaving Work

On a crisp Autumn day in 2006 a man logged off from his computer for the last time. He stood up and pushed his chair into his desk for the last time. His office was unadorned with personal things, so he only needed to pick up his lunch box and go. He turned off the light.

Thirteen years later his office is just as he left it. His final printouts are in a box under the desk. His computer is waiting to log on to the old network. The fax machine is waiting to connect. The light is still off.