Dreamy Words

When you wake from a dream there are often images swirling around in your head. Sometimes they are connected by a narrative. Sometimes they are not. It all begins to fade very quickly. This is why people keep dream journals. Write it down before it fades.

Words and phrases are often the afterimage from my dreams. It is even more important to write these down as there is no context to help remember them.

A recent example: “Some places are just evil. You feel it in your uncles. You feel it in your shadows.”

Besides being another in a series of anxiety dreams where I and my trusty band of traveling companions were being chased or followed – or were following or chasing – I have no recall what this dream was about. Those were the words I woke up with and I wrote them down.

A Friendly Brand

Many brands try to be overly friendly and it just comes across wrong, or creepy. But a leading online tax-preparer brand has updated its language within the app to lessen the stress we feel filing our taxes.

For example on a page that requires clicking a box to prove you are not a robot, it includes the following alternative method: “Pinch yourself to make sure you’re human.” And they really take the tone of friend when they are asking about purchases made outside of your home state, and therefore state sales tax are due, by reminding you of some options. “Watching the shopping channel at midnight.”