That Was A Lot of Food

We took a food tour in Brussels and hit all the highlights. Our lunch started with mussels in a white wine broth. The main courses were a chicken stew with endive, which was in a white sauce with guz beer, and a beef stew cooked in a dark beer. The sides were mashed potatoes and Belgian frites. Our next stop was at a puppet theater turned bar/restaurant where we had Kriek, which is a dry cherry beer. We went to two chocolate shops and ended with a true Belgian waffle.

Old Money

Sometimes I keep money at the end of a foreign trip, rather than spend it all at the airport. Especially if it is a country that I will return to. I went into a bakery upon my arrival in London, but my 5-pound note was rejected. We don’t take that money. It’s too old. When I got money from the ATM, the bills were bigger and had plastic, counterfeit-prevention measures.

Vote for Everyone

An election is coming up in Brussels so there are candidate posters everywhere. The design of all the posters are similar. They feature a headshot of the candidate cropped the same way. Their name appears below the photo in all caps in a similar sans serif font. The only difference is the swath of color at the bottom, which may indicate their party affiliation.