My Daughter’s Spring Break


My daughter spent her Spring Break in Indiana with me. We jumped on trampolines and paddled boats. We went to a play, a movie, an NBA game and the Indiana State Capitol building. We ate doughnuts and bacon. She went to college classes in the drama department. We watched Netflix and the rising river after […]

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Sleeping Grace in Indiana


My daughter has always been an expressive sleeper. It is another way that she shows her creativity. Years ago, I used to take pictures of her daily and post them online as part of my Sleeping Grace blog. The dedicated blog moved to a Flickr photo set and I took photos much less frequently. It […]

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Notes from Indiana


The following are status updates from my Facebook profile as I moved from North Carolina to Muncie, Indiana: Good morning from 15 below in Muncie. Cabin fever has made me a little loopy. I just tried to pay for my lunch with my hotel key card. The temperature warmed up to 0, that’s zero, so […]

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Cornfed Derby Dames

Muncie Indiana Roller Derby

I went to watch Muncie’s own Flat Track Roller Derby team, the Cornfed Derby Dames. Not only was it in an old time roller rink, but it was definitely a family friendly environment. The spectators were pretty light on the tattooed and pierced crowd and pretty heavy on the moms, kids and grandmas.

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Summer Nights at the Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree

I recently attended an art exhibit opening at the David Owsley Museum of Art on Ball State’s campus and was struck by one amazing piece. While this was a photo exhibit, it was a video that stood out. On the occasion of Aperture’s sixtieth anniversary in 2012, a select group of contemporary photographers each respond […]

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And Now for Something Completely Different


Every so often life-changing opportunities come along that you just can’t ignore. I am about to embark on one of those. I have been a professional marketer for more than 20 years. I’ve created marketing campaigns for a small company back in the days when a printed catalog was the core of your marketing efforts. […]

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It’s a New Year

When I woke up my daughter and wished her happy new year, before she even opened her eyes she pointed at the wall. Hanging in its proper place was a 2014 calendar. The last thing she did before going to bed, after watching the Raleigh acorn and the NYC ball drop to ring in the […]

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The Best Post College Job Ever: Driving the Wienermobile


The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile was recently in town and I met Steve and Molly. Both of them graduated from Midwestern colleges last May and have spent the last six months driving around the Southeast in a 27-foot fiberglass hot dog. Loving every minute of it. And now they are home for the holidays. After some […]

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High School Reunions in the Facebook Age

In May of 1983, I graduated from high school. There were no home computers, no internet and no cell phones. I wrote everything from school papers, newspaper columns and short stories on a Corona Selectric typewriter with a removable correction cartridge. This typewriter keyboard was huge step beyond pen and paper for me. The number […]

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5 Keys to JetBlue’s Social Media Engagement


JetBlue understands how social media fits into their larger business and engagement strategies. The social team at the airline gets the value of social, but always keeps in mind that their efforts must connect to business objectives like selling tickets and keeping customers happy and loyal. Here are five of the ways they do this: […]

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