I get dinner at the Whole Foods hot bar at least once a week. Lots of variety of healthy food is the draw for me. I know that I can get salad, but I don’t usually for dinner. The mac-n-cheese is popular when they have it, but I don’t often get it. I’m more interested in something green and veggie-like for my sides. On a visit I couldn’t find any veggies to choose. But they had FIVE kinds of mac-n-cheese. Is this what happens to Whole Foods when they incorporate the customer data approach of Amazon?

The Rays of the Sun

As the sun rises it illuminates the fog. The sun is still below the trees and the shadows of branches break the light into rays just like in a child’s drawing. These are moments of the beauty of nature that are to be savored. The sun comes up every morning and we really do take it for granted. But a true cinematic display like this reminds me to be thankful that I am lucky enough to see it today and every day.

The Venn Diagram of Compatibility

When you meet someone on an online dating site you are looking for compatibility. The problem is the most of the things listed on people’s profiles are things like the kinds of movies they like or what kind of food they like. These are in response to question prompts on the site. While it’s nice to share tastes with someone, that’s not what really matters. How do your values align? What are the things that are important to you? When you meet the right person it is all about wanting to listen to what they have to say, not whether you share that interest. They also need to want to hear what you want to share as well.

Brand Your Emails

I’m used to seeing logos from email service providers in the footers of email, but these are mostly the free and inexpensive platforms. Higher end brands try to mask their technology providers so that there is only one brand shown in the email. While an extra logo may not be too disruptive or confusing to recipients, there is no need to provide free advertising in the message. I received an email that had the logo of a higher end marketing automation platform and it definitely jumped out at me. I’ll have to keep an eye on this to see if it is a growing trend.

Can We Avoid it Altogether?

In my recent adult life I have mostly avoided holidays. Especially the ones made up by the greeting card industrial complex. Today feels like one of those days I want to ignore. In the very early stages of a relationship – it was the case last year and it’s also the case this year – it is easy to avoid the overblown importance and excess of Valentine’s Day. A small gesture is fine, because it acknowledges the societal norms but doesn’t create a “too early” awkward situation. Sorry, no roses this year.