Hot Dog Problem

I know that the number of buns in a package (10) is not the same as the number of hot dogs (8). This means that you have to find something to do with two extra hot dog buns. It has been a long time since I bought either a pack of hot dogs or hot dog buns, so this is not a problem for me.

I just discovered that this applies to shower curtains. I thought there was only one standard number of holes. A decorative curtain has 12 holes. A pack of shower rod rings has 12 rings. I replaced my shower curtain liner, and it only had 10 holes. There is no indication of this on the package. There is a dimension listed, but no big graphic that says, “Only 10 Holes!”

Movie Point of View

I watched an older movie that had two very different stories in it depending on your point of view. One story was a group of raunchy guys tried to help their co-worker get laid for the first time. The other was a good guy who sticks to his principles and finds love for the first time. It was the tension between the two stories that elevated this to more than just another comedy.

Another Book Review

The fictional memoir, The Night Swimmers by Peter Rock, has so much intimacy and immediacy that I found myself checking the book jacket more than once to see that it was really fiction.

As the narrator looks back to remember a particular summer, and a particular friendship, he takes an archeological and literary journey through failed past relationships. Life is so much about the things that you don’t say. And the things that you don’t do. This is all seen from the vantage point of his present, happily-married life.

Nostalgia can be a tricky thing to connect with, but there is just the right touch of specificity that makes it work. This is one of those books that feels lightly sketched, but some of the lyrical moments have burrowed their way into my psyche that they will stick with me. Perfect read at the start of summer.

Taco Overload

I’m a big fan of pop-up restaurants and brand experiences, but Taco Bell might have gone too far with their pop-up hotel. They decked out a Palm Springs hotel with a Taco Bell theme and have replaced the food options with fast-food tacos and such. Somehow, this combined with the allure of exclusive menu items and fun by pool, caused this experience to sell out in just a few minutes. This is feeling like peak Instagram where the desire to post photos online is now driving culture.