The Story Arc of Taste

Every story has a beginning, middle and end. Taste is the same way. There is an initial taste when you take your first bite or sip. There is middle where you really taste it. And then there is the finish. You don’t notice this unless something is off. Or really interesting. Most food has the same flavors across all three parts. I tried a lime mint soda and the initial sip and the middle were fine, but there was absolutely no finish. The flavor just completely dropped away. That ruins the experience. We expect an arc with three parts. It is disappointing when one is missing.

The Ultimate Brand Advocate

There is a trend in declaring your love for a brand that has been co-opted by the brands themselves. For years people have been getting tattoos of their favorite brands. There are now some businesses that offer lifetime discounts to customers with visible tattoos of their logos. Would a discount on burgers encourage you to get a tattoo? Are there any brands that you would consider inking their logo permanently on your skin? And would it be visible or hidden?

Oh the Web We Weave

There is a spider that has woven a giant web outside my front door. He has been very successful in catching large insects. A beetle. A cicada that was twice his size. I can only assume that the spider is devouring these creatures. Yesterday morning I took the web down, but the spider hid and survived. Last night it was back in the center of the web. Waiting. Today I went out and saw the new web was still there, but I didn’t see the spider. If this were a movie – and sometimes I’m not sure that it’s not – I would have turned around and the spider would be behind me. And it would be the size of a large dog.