Better Like This?

The device at the eye doctor to check your vision has always caused me some amount of anxiety. I was afraid I would make the wrong decision and I would wind up with a glasses prescription that was incorrect. This was caused by the small differences between the different lenses, so I have always been reluctant to choose one or the other. At my recent eye exam I had the courage of my convictions and I claimed the better view quickly and easily. There were very few options that were subtle. Every choice was a clear choice and I stated it immediately and without hesitation. This felt like some kind of progress.

Themed Waiting Room Music

I went to the eye doctor and the first thing I heard when I walked into the office was a country song with a lyric about sunglasses. It made me think about an eye doctor playlist of songs about eyes (Brown Eyed Girl, Bette Davis Eyes) or glasses and sunglasses (Sunglasses at Night). Dentist offices can have their own playlists with songs about smiles and teeth. These playlists will make people think more positively about the service you are about to receive. I wonder if there are any songs about colonoscopies.

One Year of Sharing Daily Thoughts

A year ago I decided that I wanted to post my thoughts every day. These were meant to be short posts – anywhere between a sentence and a long paragraph – that I would create by voice. It was meant to be a public-facing journal with ideas that could be expanded into longer blog posts. I started thinking about marketing, but it expanded to be so much more. And the voice thing never really worked out. Continue reading “One Year of Sharing Daily Thoughts”

Lines to Left of Me

We have a society where we seem to have to wait in line for everything, although I guess it is better than the free-for-all that would take place without lines. On a trip to the NC State Fair with my daughter we wanted to go on a cheesy funhouse ride. It was called the Zombie Apocalypse. It was definitely one of those rides whose marketing is better than the reality. I haven’t thought much about the coming zombie apocalypse, but I didn’t think I would have to wait in line for it.

Oh Dark Thirty

Some days my morning run happens while it is still dark. I run through a nearby neighborhood. Both a middle school bus and an elementary school bus arrive in the dark. I don’t know the specific routes, but neither school is very far away. I would not want to be a kid – especially a little kid – who has to get on a school bus while it’s still dark out.

Who Wore It Best?

Have you every walked into a retail store and suddenly realized that you have the same outfit on as the employees? As khaki pants and a blue shirt are a common store uniform, it seems like you should familiarize yourself with the store layout before coming through the door. Someone is bound to ask you where something is. This is less likely to happen with online stores.

We Never Believe Time Travelers

A man in Casper, Wyoming was arrested for public intoxication. He claimed to be from the future. From the year 2048. He came back to warn us about a coming alien invasion. And apparently a requirement for time travel was that his body be filled with alcohol. The invasion is coming in 2018, which was the year he meant to travel back to. If he really were from the future, what would it take for us to believe him?