Every Night I Watch the Sun Set


Every night I watch the sun set. I live in a four-story building and there is a deck up on the roof with a wrought-iron table and chairs. The height of the roof is just right so I can see over the tree line and watch the sun sink towards the horizon. My apartment faces […]

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50 State Quest: #46 Alaska


As I close in on my 50 states, which I should reach by next summer, I am already thinking about what comes next. That, however, is a post for another time. Many of my recent states have involved short visits, many just a meal or an overnight, but I took a week’s vacation in Alaska. […]

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Compelling Stories in “Entirely Off Topic” Spam Comments


Amidst all the broken English, random text spam comments I get on my blog, there are some occasional gems that have been written by someone with a command of the English language. The goal is the same as any other spam comment: to get someone to click on the link. Every marketer knows that if […]

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A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Travel Day


It all started when I planned to join my sister for a no-kid weekend with my mom for Mother’s Day. My sister was already going to Florida to visit our mom for the weekend, and I decided to join her. We did not tell my mom. I wanted it to be a surprise, but not […]

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Ball State Athletes Cover Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us”

This is a fun music video promoting Ball State athletics. Watch for a cameo of retiring University President Jo Ann Gora with a basketball.

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My First Commencement at Ball State


Today was the commencement ceremony, more commonly called graduation, at Ball State University. It marks the end of my first semester in academia. It is also my first commencement ceremony that I attended as a faculty member. The first thing this meant is that I had to borrow the appropriate attire from a professor who […]

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Amish Crossing


While driving through the rural Indiana countryside at night, I spotted several “Amish Crossing” signs. My first instinct was to keep my eyes peeled on the side of the road for a buggy to come darting out across the road. Photo Credit: Flickr

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My Daughter’s Spring Break


My daughter spent her Spring Break in Indiana with me. We jumped on trampolines and paddled boats. We went to a play, a movie, an NBA game and the Indiana State Capitol building. We ate doughnuts and bacon. She went to college classes in the drama department. We watched Netflix and the rising river after […]

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Sleeping Grace in Indiana


My daughter has always been an expressive sleeper. It is another way that she shows her creativity. Years ago, I used to take pictures of her daily and post them online as part of my Sleeping Grace blog. The dedicated blog moved to a Flickr photo set and I took photos much less frequently. It […]

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Notes from Indiana


The following are status updates from my Facebook profile as I moved from North Carolina to Muncie, Indiana: Good morning from 15 below in Muncie. Cabin fever has made me a little loopy. I just tried to pay for my lunch with my hotel key card. The temperature warmed up to 0, that’s zero, so […]

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