Everything is Disposable

A giant stuffed dog was popping out of a residential trash can. There are organizations that take gently used stuffed animals. I couldn’t tell the condition of this dog. Some kid won him at the ring toss at the state fair and now that he has outgrown the dog – even though it was bigger than him when he won it – his mom put it out in the trash.

Driving with the Windows Down

Even when it is 90 degrees I will drive with the windows open. And the air conditioning on too, of course. There is just something about hearing the wind rush by the car and breathing the fresh air that makes me rebel against the bubble nature of our car culture. I have to drive places, but open windows at least make me feel like I’m outside.

Produce Craving

I joined a CSA this spring and got eight weeks of farm fresh produce. This particular one supports Burmese refugees, so you have the options for Asian vegetables. I chose that option. It was fun to cook with fresh vegetables every week, but it could be a challenge. I ate a lot of sautéed greens and I made three different kinds of slaw. I must be going through withdrawal because today – the first week without produce – I found myself at the grocery store eying the unusual and green, leafy produce. I bought baby bok choy.

Holidays Grow with Consumers

I’ve noticed more food products in specific red, white and blue packaging for the holiday. Sure, everyone makes that Cool Whip flag dessert with the blueberries and raspberries, but am I really going to buy donuts or cookies to serve for a 4th of July celebration just because the box is decorated? Maybe I’m not your average consumer – ok, I’m not – but do those colors really trigger a purchase from others?