Aging At Our Own Pace

I was flying to visit my mom, which meant that I was traveling back to the town where I went to high school. I so rarely see people I know in the airport, but I always keep an eye out for familiar faces. One thing that makes it hard to recognize people that I went to high school with 35 years ago is that we all age at our own pace. I am pretty young looking for my age, so I have a hard time picking out people my own age and comparing them to that yearbook photo in my head.

The Smell of Victory

My deodorant scent has been cool wave for years. That seems like a reasonable name a man’s scent. And it comes in a blue package. When they are sold out of that I have purchased fresh rain. That one comes in a green package. These are sensible scent names. The same company has released a new scent called undefeated. It also comes in a blue package. Do anybody really think that they can go through life with their head held high while wearing a deodorant called undefeated? Aren’t you more likely to be able to smell defeat?

Silver Medal Winner

Life moves by day by day. Each day you wake up and do whatever is on the schedule for that day. But there are events that occur – and some of us track – that add another layer to our lives. School, jobs, relationships are all things that progress and grow day by day. Today my current relationship is now longer than my last relationship. That makes it the second longest relationship of my adult life. After my marriage. We have a long way to go to catch that one.

Waiting for a Hurricane

Sitting and waiting for Hurricane Florence to arrive, I am thinking about the screenplay I wrote almost 30 years ago. It was the story of two married couples on a beach vacation and how there relationships strained under the arrival of a hurricane.

At the time I wrote it, I was much younger than characters. And unmarried. I am now much older. Married and divorced. Both for a long time.