Social Media is Different in the Work World


I recently wrote a piece that appeared in Careers in Professional Selling magazine. It is targeted to college students and recent college grads with an interest in sales, and employers who might hire them. As college students make the transition from campus to their careers many things need to change. How they dress. How they […]

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50 State Quest: #49 Oklahoma


Over my fall break I took a road trip to Oklahoma. This was my 49th state. The road trip took me through Missouri and Kansas, so I was able to see the St. Louis Arch and the state capitol buildings in Jefferson City and Topeka. And I spent my time in Oklahoma in the capital, […]

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How Marketers Think About Big Data


I recently gave a talk on big data, social media and marketing. Here is what I said: I am a consumer. You are a consumer. We are all consumers. Why do retailers want to know about me? To sell me more stuff. They can always say they are trying to improve the customer experience, but […]

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50 State Quest: #48 Montana


I finished my summer travel by making it to my 48th state. To get to Montana I had to fly into Spokane, Washington, and pass through Idaho. My destination was Glacier National Park, and I was traveling with my friend Emily, who I met in Alaska a mere 6 weeks before. It turns out it […]

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#FlatHandley Tours Ball State

In honor of next week’s MarketingProfs B2B Forum in Boston, a flat version of Ann Handley known as ‪#‎FlatHandley‬ toured Ball State and was welcomed by my social media marketing students.

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The Phases of the Sunset


I try to watch the sunset every night and I have discovered there are different phases of the sunset. Here’s an example of pictures from each phase of the sunset in a single night. There may be scientific terms for these, but I’m just going with early, middle and late. And rather than try to […]

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50 State Quest: #47 Idaho


I knew my trip to Alaska this summer would get me closer to my 50 states, but I didn’t know that it would help me get two more states. While in Alaska I met fellow traveler, and now my friend, Emily. When I told her about my need to go to Idaho and Montana, she […]

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In Memory of Bob, My Step-Father


I was 7-years-old when my mom married Bob. This meant that my sister and I moved into that big white house at the top of the hill in Purchase, NY. Bob already had four kids, so with the addition of us, there were now six kids living in the house. We became our own Brady […]

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Finding the Picture Spot


I take a lot pictures. Mostly with my iPhone, but since I traveled a bunch this summer I was using my digital camera and my Holga film camera a lot too. Taking pictures starts when you see something you want to capture, but the first question I always ask is where is the picture spot. […]

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The First Day of Class

Yesterday I started this social media marketing journey with my two classes. The first thing I did was take panorama pictures of each class. I think this struck them as a bit odd and caught them off guard. But this is social media. Part of what we do is capture what is going on around […]

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