Hearty Fare North Near the Border

A fast food taco place in Minneapolis advertised meat and potatoes burritos on the sign out front. Nothing sounds less Mexican and more Midwestern than the rib-sticking combination of meat and potatoes. Turns out the chain was based in Wyoming and there are locations in many parts of the country. And this burrito is one of their signature items.

Tattoo Thoughts

I don’t have any tattoos. The main reason is that I’ve never really been able to come with anything that I wanted to ink onto my skin forever. Things way more important than that have not lasted forever in my life, so the idea of a cool saying or picture that will still be interesting to me in 20 years is somewhat unfathomable. But what about the game pieces of the action-packed, hilarious board game Operation tattooed in the correct places on my body? I would start with the wishbone, but I don’t really want that inked on my chest.

Post Apocalyptic Airport

Airport renovations have to happen while the airport remains open serving passengers. Every time I pass through an airport where they have removed the drop ceiling – exposing the wiring and HVAC system – I’m not sure if I’m traveling through the third world or I’ve ventured into a post apocalyptic future when the airport is deteriorating.

How Far Away?

Sometimes on long drives you see signs that just don’t make any sense that they stick with you forever. While driving through the Midwest I saw a sign that listed both the distance to Chicago and St. Louis. As an Easterner, those two cities seem like they are far away from each other and shouldn’t be on the same sign. While traveling in the Republic of Georgia I saw a sign that said Tehran was 1240 kilometers away. A quick conversion determines that it is less than 800 miles away, but the bigger issue is should I really be somewhere that is close enough to Tehran that it is listed on a highway sign?

Retro Liberal Hip

There was a time that a t-shirt bearing the cyrillic letters of the old Soviet Union, CCCP, was hip and cool, and even made a liberal statement. Maybe you were for the workers and your little hat with the red star was your endorsement of the ideal of communism, but not the reality of socialism. Today these relics might imply collusion – a word that is in the news a lot lately. My Russian watch is still pretty cool though. And so is the soldier’s jacket with the medals that my mom traded for on trip to Gorbachev-era Russia.

The Names Were Changed to Protect the Innocent

I drove by a local church and noticed that the name was changed. This was not a denomination name, but just a descriptive noun. I saw this church get built, as it was on my old running route. There was a vinyl sign with new name covering the more permanent, built sign. I wondered what would cause a church to change its name, although I did suspect that there were money/attendance reasons in the background. When I looked up both churches online, there was an interesting difference. The old church said they were merging with the new church. Makes sense. But new church only said they were moving to a new location. There was no mention of absorbing the old church. Maybe there’s more going on here than it seems.

Curved Sidewalk

There is a sidewalk that I run on that curves around the corner. Every time I follow that curve I notice that there is slight nick in the concrete. It seems like they tried to create a smooth curve with the wooden forms, but it just didn’t quite make it. I’m sure that most residents of the neighborhood have never noticed it. I notice it every time I run by.