“Proud to be Strange”

The following is a poem that Jonathan Winter’s daughter wrote for her dad on his 60th birthday.

I can picture you fifty years ago and more playing alone,
Creating invisible friends, speaking their dialogues, acting each role.
I’m a lot like you.
I played alone with fantasy characters, questioned my vivid imagination,
But you taught me to be proud to be strange.

I can picture you as an old man still with the imagination of a child,
And me, a middle-aged woman mentally and spiritually playing alongside.
Two special friends, two children, an unusual father and his unusual daughter.

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Holiday Jokes

Grace’s Halloween Joke:
Q: Who does Frankenstein take to the Halloween Dance?
A: His Ghoul-Friend.

Peter’s Thanksgiving Joke:
Q: Why did the Turkey cross the road two times?
A: To prove he wasn’t chicken.

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Football Playoffs Round 1

Peter’s football team won the first round of the playoffs today by a score of 20-6 and they play next week in the Championship Game. The #1 team from the East Divsion, Carrboro (7-0) will play the #1 team from the West, SE Guilford (8-0) for the league title next week.

Peter really improved his play in today’s game. He was much more aggressive and was part of many tackles. The stadium had an announcer, and apparently Peter was impressed that the prime tackler was getting his name said over the loud speaker. He realized that if he played harder, and made tackles, his name would be said. He claims he heard his name, but we are not sure. Regardless, we were very proud of his play and his team.

The season started the first week of August in 100 degree heat and it is now winding down. It’s been a long season, but a lot of fun. Peter got to know a lot of great kids, and we have expanded our circle of acquaintences too. Basketball started last week.

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Podcasting and Children

Daughter: Daddy, don’t forget to bring your iPod in the car. Ya, ya, start the podcast.
Son: So, Dad, have you listened to your weekly Wine Podcast?

Thanks for the Peanut Brittle

from Meg’s Blog:

For years now, every fall once the weather was cool enough and the humidity was right, a woman in Michigan named Patricia Anderson would begin making peanut brittle. I suppose she gave away lots to friends and family, but all I know for sure is that she always made sure two batches made their way to Jeff at work. Her husband is a train collector, and collects K-Line stuff. She also always sent word that Jeff was not to take both batches home, but to make sure that Sherman (a colleague) got some too!

Jeff always passed the peanut brittle on to Sherman, but he always brought some home, too. I love peanut brittle in general, and this was perfect brittle. The mix of flavors, the consistency, the crunchiness… everything was exactly as it should be. I was always happy to share with my family, since they love peanut brittle, too, but sometimes I ate all of our share before they could have some. I didn’t mean to, but it was that addictive.

Even without ever meeting her, I felt like I knew Patricia. I knew, for example, that she took her brittle making very seriously. Sometimes the brittle was late, because the weather wasn’t right. She used the same spoon, pot and pan to make the brittle year in and year out. One year the spoon that Patricia had used for years broke; she was afraid the brittle would be affected the next year. From my perspective, whatever replacement spoon she found worked just as well as the original, because the brittle was as good as it had always been. As someone who uses the same pan to bake biscuits, to the point of occasionally taking it with me on vacation, I understand and applaud that sort of single minded devotion to one’s cooking accessories!

Patricia Anderson was diagnosed with cancer this summer, and died 32 days later. She left behind a family that includes her husband of 41 years, Charles, and children and grandchildren. She also, though, left behind who knows how many people whose winters were a little more special because of a box of peanut brittle in the mail.

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The end of an Era

Today was Grace’s last day of day care. Including Peter’s time there, this is the end of 7 years of day care. What a relief. We can now afford our house in Chapel Hill.

Last week was her Graduation, and next week is kindergarten orientation. She starts the following week. She is very excited.

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Peter Started Football

Ever since he was 4 years old and became a football fan, Peter has been wanting to play football. He started last week with conditioning drills and he loves it. He just got his equipment last night and will begin practicing in it this week. Look out Heisman voters, here comes a contender.

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Peter’s Camp Skit

Can you guess what kind of animal Peter is?

He is an elephant with a purple face because he is blushing. He’s blushing because he is embarassed that all the other animals want to take a shower under his trunk.

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Apartment Complex Madness

Several local apartment complexes that appeal to incoming college students have signs out front saying “Free iPod.” They remind me of the web banner ads offering Free iPods, which all seem to be some sort of scam to get your personal information, and probably do not really include a Free iPod. I wonder what the catch is to get an iPod when you rent an apartment. Regardless, it’s probably a 512MB Shuffle.

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