Snowy Dream

I had a dream that it had snowed. There was so much snow that the only way I could describe it was that it was an immersive dream. Everything was covered in snow. Inches of snow. Feet of snow. Miles of snow.

Fake Mistake

I got a printed postcard from a local car dealer that is supposed to look like it was handwritten. To enhance the illusion, it even included a mistake that was crossed out.

Virus Text

I received a text about a virus infection and my first thought was that I didn’t turn on the COVID nearby notification function on my phone. Then I realized that it was a spam text trying to scare me about a computer virus and get me to click on a link.

Any Other Words

We had to return a jewelry purchase and the packing slip said: Do NOT write the word “jewelry” or any other words that would lead anyone to think that there is jewelry inside the package you are shipping back to us.


I installed the new Mac OS on my laptop and I noticed that all of the windows and boxes now have rounded corners. They have childproofed my computer by removing all of the sharp edges.

Trips to the DMV

After three trips to the DMV office, we have finally gotten our car registered. Yes, it was complicated. It was a gift with an out-of-state title signed by a power of attorney, but the process did not seem stable. It felt as if the rules were made up each time we went in and different document was required. And the office itself was a free-for-all with borderline offensive front license plates and pepper spray lining the walls rather than instructions or the list of needed documents. Plus there was a $6 cash fee for filing (something).

Not Meatloaf

It’s still hard to imagine that corn flakes, cottage cheese and nuts could cook into something that has the consistency of meatloaf. The onion soup mix helps. Slathering with ketchup helps. But I would ask for it again.

Reflecting on the Trail

I spotted a small rectangular mirror in the dirt at the edge of the trail. As I passed it, it showed the sky, the leaves and just a bit of me.

One Year Ago

We sent balloons to my mom for her 82nd birthday celebration exactly one year ago. It was the first time she had been out to see her friends in six months due to COVID. Her cognitive functioning was starting to decline. We could tell that over the phone. But we didn’t know about the physical deterioration.

Error with the Error

What do you do when your computer has an error and there is an error generating the error report, so you don’t even know what the error was. Or is.