Every corner of every major intersection has someone holding a sign asking for money. But in our car-centric culture, most people don’t stop and engage with these folks down on their luck. I do always look at their shoes, though. A man held a sign with his Cash app ID hoping that it would be easier to give electronically. Everyone has a smart phone these days.

Going to the Movies

After more than a year and a half we went to see a movie in a theater. Even though it was special one night only showing, it was a movie we had previously seen on HBO. We weighed the risk of an indoor event, and decided to go. It was the right decision because there were only 3 other people in the theater. But it was strange to sit in comfy chairs eating popcorn and watching David Byrne sing his heart out on the big screen.

Scheduling Plug-in

If a schedule post does not publish per the schedule, there’s a plug-in that makes sure it publishes after it has missed the schedule. If someone went to the trouble of building a plug-in to solve this faulty scheduling problem, that implies that this is a significant problem. Maybe just address the scheduling problem?

Alien Sunrise

The big red sun rose over the horizon. The waves of heat flowed off of it and broke through the chilled air. The temperature went up quickly.

What About Couches?

As I was filling in some back posts, I joked that if I ran out of ideas I could just write about whatever is in front of me. The couch. The rug. The door. But it starts to sound a little like Andy Rooney.

20 Years

We’ve experienced a lot of security theater aimed at the wrong threats.

Em Dash

I just had to learn that you have to twister your hands and play the hardest chord you can imagine on your keyboard to type symbols on a Chromebook. Control-Shift-U-2014-Space Bar. Then I learned that you do it in a sequence, not at the same time. The first three put the keyboard in a symbol mode. The numbers indicate what symbol. And the space bar resolves it.

New Technology

After having trouble with the blog — which may be related to my work laptop and some setting that causes pages to time out — I have updated my blogging to a Chromebook. Seemed like a cheap enough computer for just some basic utilities — blogging, printing — so we’ll see how it goes.