Dogs vs Buns

There is a ketchup company that wants to be peacemaker and align the number of hot dogs sold in a pack (10) to the number of buns sold in a pack(8). They have created a whole ad campaign around this idea. Shouldn’t this be a mustard company?

Shape of an Egg

It is curious that eggs come in such standard shapes with little variation. This may be because I’m used to eggs from the grocery store where they must meet standard egg-shaped parameters. There must be some sort of machine like in the Willy Wonka movie to separate the good eggs from the bad.

Split Back

The cicada shell sitting on the front stoop has a narrow slit in its back. As the creature shed its outer shell, it squirmed out through this hole in its back. Imagine getting to big for your skin and having to shimmy out through a hole in your back.

New Flatware

It’s not called silverware because it’s made of stainless steel. It is very exciting to have new flatware that is well-designed, well-weighted, and matches. My previous utensils were purchased at Walmart before my kids were born. It almost feels like growing up to get rid of it.

Hungry Squirrels

I always knew that squirrels could figure out how to get food out of any bird feeder, but it’s worse than that. Sometimes, instead of fighting the weighted perches that close access to the food, the squirrels just knock the feeder to the ground and have access to all of the food when it spills out.

Abandoned Theater

Even though movies are back at my local theater, there is so little traffic that grass is growing through the cracks in the asphalt of the parking lot.

Cookie Reprieve

With the delay in the removal of cookies from online advertising’s infrastructure, I saw many photos of chocolate chip cookies on LinkedIn. This is not a metaphor for the small files that live on users’ computer, but a homonym. It makes me hungry nonetheless.

Sudden Limb Drop

This is a thing that occurs on hot summer days and is caused by the way water flows through trees. Four significant sized limbs fell from a large tree. With no warning. Stay safe out there.

Analog Listening

Nothing is more analog than listening to a vinyl album and following along with lyrics printed inside the album jacket.

No Travel Required

I watching documentaries that are part of a festival for the second time this month. While one was local, the other is in DC which I would not have traveled to. Not only does this give me access to films that could be hard to see outside festivals—especially shorts—but every film has a recorded Q&A with the filmmaker with no travel required.