Unbalanced Time

The weeks go by in a very unbalanced way. The beginning of the week slowly drags by until Wednesday and you can’t believe it’s only the middle of the week. Then suddenly, it’s Friday and the week is over.

Light Under the Deck

The morning sunlight comes across the yard at such a sharp angle that it shines on the ground underneath the deck, but not the deck itself. The bright light is visible between the boards of the deck.

Skid Marks in my Mind

The tire skid marks on the road dissolve backwards and I see the car doing a u-turn into the side street and peeling out across the road, leaving its imprint on the asphalt.

Cereal Target

I saw a box of cereal with a Retro Recipe banner across the front. This sweet cereal is now made with honey. I don’t believe that parents are that concerned that their kids get cereal with real honey. This is to appeal to young adults who eat cereal for dinner and want to recapture that nostalgic taste of their youth.

Becoming a Couple

Now that we are married for ONE YEAR, it is time that we learn how to become a couple. Deborah has been home for 2 months and there is definitely learning that we need to do, especially since we both work from home.


When the fireflies swarm in the woods, it almost doesn’t look real. I’ve never seen so many light up at the same time. It must be their season.

Plants vs Fat

Grocery stores carry a variety of items that are at odds with each other, but it may be too much to stock the plant-based, buttery flavored sticks next to the lard.

Trash the Trash Can

What are the rules for throwing away a trash can? Should you empty it first? Does it need to be in a trash bag? Can it be recycled?

Old Towels

I have 38-year old towels and most of them are in good shape. I just got rid of one because of a big hole, but these bath sheets, or shower towels, are not frayed and are still absorbent. What more could you want in a towel? Well, they are a bit out of style.

Space Sounds

Maybe it’s the pipes or the air conditioning, but I have heard sounds that sound like the background drone on a sci-fi movie spaceship.