Flying Differently

An owl has a pear-shaped body, so it flies differently than other birds. Its large wingspan propels its non-aerodynamic shape easily through the air and between the trees.

Styling Consultant

I need help managing my ever-growing long hair. Whenever Deborah tries to explain something to remind that I literally know nothing about hair care and hair products.

Conceptual Paint

The name of paint colors usually has something to do with the color itself. Blues relate to water and sky, while the names of greens are informed by plants and trees. We discovered a color called intellectual. This is a very conceptual paint color name because it doesn’t relate to the color at all. However, the color is so hard to describe—it’s made up of gray, green and brown tones—that it must elicit intellectual conversations about how to actually describe the color. And it is likely our choice for some outdoor chairs.

Challenge Accepted

Deborah has come home and our 19-year-old cat is still a happy, mostly healthy friend. My biggest fear while Deborah was away for nine months during her academic fellowship was that something would happen to the cat and Deborah would not be able to see her again. I see both Deborah and the cat as survivors who have been through a lot together and my job as caretaker of the cat to see her through to Deborah’s return.

I had a scare about a week ago when the cat’s behavior started changing. I was worried we had made it so close to the end and now something goes wrong. A trip to the vet revealed only a mild intestinal issue that was easily relieved, so we made it. The two are back together.

Two Shots

The first vaccination shows your immune system what the virus looks like so it can develop antibodies. The second shot activates those antibodies to attack. The immune system response is why people feel sicker after the second vaccination.

Sounds Familiar

When you’ve written more than 1,100 observation posts and your primary environment is your home office with windows overlooking the backyard, the same things will occur to you. I was about to write a post about something outside, using very specific words, but I searched previous posts first. Yep, I had already described a mass of those spinning seed pods we call helicopters as a squadron four years ago.

Cutesy Marketing

An HVAC company that is named after a musical instrument has an anthropomorphized version of that instrument painted on the back of its truck. The instrument is smiling as it says, the sweet sound of service. Besides being cutesy, it doesn’t even really make sense.

In Conversation

An author described her book as in conversation with several other books. Hers is loosely an epistolary novel and it speaks to other books of similar form.

Dream Yourself Awake

There’s that feeling when you just wake up and you don’t know if you’re awake or asleep, especially if you’ve just woken up from a dream. Then you realize that you are dreaming and you have only woken up in a dream. Suddenly you hear music that wakes you up and you’re not sure if you’re still dreaming or if the music really woke you up.

Fell from Above

Traffic was backed up. Several emergency vehicles surrounded a car with a smashed windshield and a crumbled hood. The driver said a naked man fell on her car. No man was found.